Accompanying women’s development




After years of hard work, the most significant accomplishment of CWD is becoming a trusted destination for women with the slogan "we're here when you call." CWD has greatly contributed to bringing peace, moral and intangible values to many women and their families and empowering them, thereby taking a significant part in narrowing the gender gap in Vietnam and the region.

 15.055 Delegates received

 1.053.850 Domestic and international conferences and seminars

 1.413 women and587 children receiving the supports from the Peace House Shelters

 9.373 clients and 12.411 counseling sessions in person and through the helpline

 17 Charity fairs and trade fairs

 51 Friday Forum events

 350 Donations to Peace Shop


With its positive impacts on women and the community, CWD has been honored to receive many noble awards and certificates of merit from the Party, the Government, the Vietnam Women's Union, and many other organizations.

Cờ thi đua của Hội 2013

Bằng khen của Bộ Công An 2016

Bằng khen của TW Hội 2016

Bằng khen của Bộ tư lệnh hải quân 2020