Accompanying women’s development

About us

About us

A comprehensive support service package for victims:

Coming to the Peaceful House Shelter (PHS), women and children will be provided with free services including:

Peace House Shelter provides safe accommodation to 15-20 women/children at a time. Temporary stay at Peace House Shelter lasts for 3 months for Victims of Domestic Violence and 6 months for Victims of Human Trafficking and can be extended if safety is not guaranteed afterwards.

As soon as temporary residents enter the Peace House Shelter, they will be provided with health care support such as examination and treatment for physical injuries, sexually transmitted diseases, or nutrition consultation to restore physical health.

100% of temporary residents are guaranteed to receive psychological stabilization counseling, mental health rehabilitation and consultations about their private problems. The Peace House Shelter also organizes team-building , entertainment, picnics and product crafting activities to help victims find inner peace. In some cases, temporary residents may receive support from experienced psychotherapists in the field of gender-based violence.

Temporary residents in need will be connected with lawyers who can help them protect legitimate rights and interests in the process of solving violence issues.

Social workers will help young victims choose jobs that are suitable for their abilities, health and family conditions . They can also receive vocational training at reliable centers and get connected to job opportunities. In many cases, some temporary residents are even provided with a support package consisting of essential working tools so as to confidently reintegrate into the society.

Temporary residents will be guided on communication and life skills such as healthcare or family establishment through Peace House Shelter daily activities, exercise classes, and soft skills training courses. They will also be provided with knowledge of gender equality.

Temporary residents have chances to participate in fun and entertainment activities combined with psychotherapy such as picnics, yoga, team-building or handmade craft activities.

Temporary residents will be provided with up-to-date information about suitable job opportunities. If needed, they can also be supported with customized home-return financial support packages as a sustainable basis for further development.

Temporary residents will continue to receive 24-month support after leaving the Peace House Shelter, including regular discussions with pre-determined community supporters . Through these discussions, supporters can understand clients’ situation of health, employment, and family, thereby providing helpful guidance, advice and suggestions to help them gain confidence to reintegrate into the community.